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Delaware House Democrats

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Kerri Evelyn Harris

House Majority Whip

District 32

Kerri Evelyn Harris

Kerri Evelyn Harris is the State Representative for the 32nd District of Delaware, which includes South East Dover, North East Magnolia, and a good portion of the bay.  She is a mother, veteran and advocate who believes in rolling up her sleeves and actively working to create a Delaware that works for all of us. 

Harris personally understands the hardships of juggling family needs with the obstacles our current system places in front of us. Kerri will always stand with, and for the people, to help lower or remove such obstacles 

Kerri has helped to educate the community on issues that impact them directly and help people learn to advocate for themselves. In addition, Harris has personally advocated for legislation at the state and national levels with the aim of improving people’s lives. While she has worked on a number of justice issues, her primary focuses have been economic development, healthcare reform, environmental justice, and legal system reform. 

Legislative Service:



Agriculture, Member

Health & Human Development, Chair

Housing, Member

Administration, Member

Natural Resources & Energy, Member

Transportation, Member

Veterans Affairs, Member

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